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I am an ambitious girl who expects a lot from life..Being from Delhi. I’ve always been able to get new opportunities and so i am having now! It was such a wonderful experience to have such a good and supporting team who encouraged me in every step



Hello friends,I belong to a middle class family and since childhood i thought of doing something different. I was interested in acting but my family did not supported me. Everyone uaed to tell me to study and get a job,but i wanted to do something else to earn fame for my family. But i could not take a dicision at that time. I kept explaining my family and was moving forward. I even went to Mumbai, but here people demoralised me and i came back home. I returned in my old life but continued doing small show and modelling. Then one of my friends told me about the ED Music company owned by Dharam Suryavanshi sir. He offered me lead role in one of his songs of his album and kept my hopes alive. I enjoyed a lot while shooting. The whole team of ED Music Company is loving,caring and supporting.



I am very happy that i am part of this video album. I am just 21 years old, and i have got such a big opportunity at this age.Its a moment of great joy for me.I was interested in acting, modelling and dancing since my childhood. In my school days whenever there was such type of activity. I used to be the first one to participate. After this, i also participated in ramp walk.I was searching for opportunities before finally getting to know about ED MUSIC. It was here, that i started feeling that my dreams can be fulfilled. DHARAM SIR, Director of ED MUSIC, had played a very major role in this journey of mine, because it was he, who gave me the proposal to work in this video album and i have taken a step forward in achieving my dreams. Whenever i am on the sets, i am enjoying every moment of it.

anjani clear


I want to share something very important with you all, and that is my career, which is very important for me. There is a lot of strugle in life, but whatever there is in your DNA can never be wrong. Modeling and acting is in my blood. When i got the offer of this video song, then i thought that i will prove my self to every one with this opportunity. Modeling and acting is not only my passion but my entire life. I am very excited for this.



Everyone wants to become famous in their life but life only give chances to them who do hardwork for achieving their dreams.!! Being a part of this company is the first step towards my dream and i am damn excited to be a part of this amazing project. Since childhood every girl sees herself as a heroine of a film industry so i did! But not everyone had a chance to become pne but I am very lucky to be a part of this album this will surely help me to become one of them who we sees in television. A big thanks to the album maker for giving me this opportunity. Damn excited for this..!!!

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