Mr. Dharam Suryavanshi


Miss. Ekta Agrawal



ED Music Company is an Indian Music Company situated in India. The company was started on 16th January, 2016 by Dharam Suryavanshi (Producer & Director of the company). During the launch of the company back in 2016, Mr. Dharam Suryavanshi was the Director and Miss. Ekta Agrawal was the Co-Director of the company. There are many artists in India who belong to small cities and they don’t get a chance to reach Bollywood and somewhere or the other they suppress their dreams. The vision of Dharam Suryavanshi and Ekta Agrawal behind starting this company was to find such talent and bring it in front of the world, i.e. to fulfill the dreams that are present in the heart of such artists. Taking this thought in mind, the company was started. In these 2 years only the company has achieved a lot. In these 2 years, the company has found artists, who were in search for a platform which could take them further and showcase their talent. And so, the first Song of the company, “TERI HAR BATEIN”, is going to be launched soon. This Song had been jointly composed by Dharam Suryavanshi and Ekta Agrawal. We hope that this album will be loved by the audience.

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